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Our goal is that of exploring and reconstructing the human past by excavating ancient settlements and studying what our predecessors left behind, from material culture to skeletal remains.

We plan to investigate the environment in which these anthropic evidences are contextualized by means of surface archaeological surveys, as well as topographic and systematic field surveys.

Field Experience in Bioarchaeology in Ohio

This exclusively field-based program aims at familiarizing participants with the professional excavation of human remains from archaeological contexts. Participants will work side by side with professional archaeologists and bioarchaeologists in the excavations of a historic cemetery in central Ohio (HTCC).

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Field School Montaione in Archaeology, Survey and Material Culture

The Field School Montaione in Archaeology, Survey and Material Culture is focused on the archaeological investigation of a 1st – 5th century AD Roman Thermae copmplex and welcomes students in anthropology, archeology, classic history, historical topography and allied disciplines at undergraduate and graduate levels.

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Fieldschool Alfedena in Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

The excavation will study a settlement dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman times in Central Italy. Its cemetery will be subjected to archaeological and bioarchaeological investigation.

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